I passed my test in 2005, but spent many years in the wilderness riding on my own commuting into London and visiting friends and family all over the country, before finally discovering the biking land of milk and honey - group riding with LMRC! I’ve ridden around 110,000 miles, a healthy chunk of which has been done riding with the club or with folk I’ve met through the club.

I love all kinds of routes at all kinds of paces and am an all-weather rider, but the ones you will generally find me leading are standard paced rides through the countryside on smaller As and Bs with a few lanes thrown in for good measure. I like my start points to be indicative of the laid back nature of the day and as such you’ll find no chain-type fast food start points on my rides. Most of my rides focus on heading south and/or west of London, however not exclusively so. 

I also take great pleasure in giving pillions a ride (and have led with one on board!) and as such welcome them on my rides. I feel that they form as much a part of the biking community as us riders, and some of them go on to become riders themselves!

I do like a couple of three beers and as I do not encourage drinking & riding, you will also find me organising a few pub-orientated social events in and around London.

Hope to meet you on a ride or social soon!

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