I made a promise to myself by the time I turned 40 I would pass my motorbike test. Three years on I have covered over 35.000 miles on a GS1200 Adventure and I love it. 

I will lead standard paced rides with safe progress on a mix of A & B roads, the windier the better!! I will try to avoid motorways and single track lanes. I do riding all year round and particularly enjoy the socialising that comes with biking, meeting like minded people from all walks of life. I enjoy touring on my motorbike and for me it's the ride, not the destination that's important.

Expect rides to the seaside, days out to National Trust properties and Parks, camping trips and rides further afield; cafes, tea rooms and pub stops and simple rides out and back to where we start. 

I look forward to meeting and riding with you.

Safe Riding!

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