Julian AKA Max Boost

Anytime, any place, any weather, any bike.

I’ve probably ridden 150 motorcycles. I ride 10,000 to 35,000 miles a year, having personally owned 27 motorcycles riding over half a million miles to date. I’m a road rider although I have owned 6 trail motorcycles to date. I have owned motorcycles from 80cc to 1300cc / 8bhp to 186bhp.

Owning a 250cc, I will be looking to organise some smaller bike / 125cc friendly rides. I usually have a day off in the week, so plan to organise some weekday and summer evening rides in addition to weekend rides. Rides will be mainly standard paced on a mix of single carriageway A and B roads unless we have to get somewhere quick.

I like finding new places to visit (cafes in particular). If I'm revisiting a place, I usually create a different  route each time. My road preference is scenic twisty A and B country roads, though I enjoy lanes too. I enjoy a good mix of riding, socialising and food, particularly a full English breakfast. I enjoy motorcycle trips too.

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