I’ve been riding since 1988, stopped for a while when my daughter was born, but never fell out of love of motorcycling, and started up again in 2016. I enjoy the quicker paced rides, but most often I’m out in standard paced rides and I ride to the groups abilities.  

 The rides I set up are so varied, that I wouldn’t be able to pin it down to just one type of ride.  Generally, my rides have a mixture of roads so that everyone can have an adventure on the ride.

I enjoy organising trips away, such as camping weekends, and more recently I am setting up European trips, concentrating on Spain &Portugal as I find the culture and roads there simply phenomenal, which I hope to share with my fellow riders.

South Africa is my home country, and I have away trips planned for South Africa to venture out into the vastness of Africa while enjoying the freedom motorcycles give us to interact with each other.

I am eager to meet new people, that enjoy motorcycling and have fun out on the roads.  I have no interest in discussing chicken strips or similar self-inflating topics, all I’m interested in is reaching the end of the road with a smile on my face, and hopefully a smile on the faces that joined me in the adventure.

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