Having been around bikes my whole life, dreaming of a Laverda 650 Sport from the advert pages of RiDE (don't ask!), I finally managed to get myself into the world 'proper' in my later ages.I'll give anything a go bike-wise; from track days to speedway, pit bikes and camping/touring. That said (aside from a few track days every now and again as an infrequent luxury), my favourite time in the saddle is having a group of good riders, a destination in mind, with miles and miles of twisties till we get there.

Outside bikes I love skiing, snowboarding, cycling, travelling, and camping, and try to fit them all in with the family too (2 kids, no longer counting!). 

LMRC's changed the way I ride for the better, and since I started leading in 2020 (an odd year, granted!) it's put a new twist on the experience. I love the planning side of it, considering others (I try not to leave people to pee in a bush!), and making as good-a-day as possible. It's almost half the fun.If you're out with me, expect anything from full-day bimbly excursions, to brisk evening and Sunday morning hops. Rain or shine; I'll do it all. If I haven't met you already, it's another thing to look forward to! Toodle-pip!

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