Cheryl Weblin

I have been riding since 2003 and clock up around 15,000 miles annually. I am as excited today to open my garage door as I was the day I got my first bike (GPZ500S). I ride in all seasons, enjoy challenging myself and I love an adventure! I have a Honda CB1000R and a Street Triple 675 and have toured the UK many times with my favourite destinations being Wales, Yorkshire and the Highlands.

You can expect my rides to be interesting and with a variety of roads, staying away from major A roads and motorways. I like to find a purpose to my destinations but I don't feel that is as important as just being out on the bike and having fun. My pace will be considered at all times, if there is someone riding close to my exhaust pipe I will consider speeding up and if there is no one in my mirrors I will consider slowing down. There is never any pressure to ride outside of your comfort zone as I'm always happy to pull over, enjoy the views and chat to others.

Since joining the LMRC in 2017 I have been in awe of its fantastic leadership and friendly members so it is my greatest pleasure to contribute to its success in this way. See you on a ride soon.

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