Dave Hawke

I’ve been around bikes and biking now for over 45 years, either riding them, maintaining them or cleaning them (and in that area I’m a bit OCD!!!). I mainly like country lanes and twisties to ride with some faster roads (but am not keen on long motorway stretches) as apart from the fun and thrill of these sort of roads, I also feel it gives you some time to actually enjoy the ride and your surroundings.

I enjoy the challenges of building and perfecting rides to give a bit of everything, as well as including appropriate stops as necessary to relax, fuel-up etc for a coffee, bun and chat. My rides can generally be described as Evo trending towards progressive (and somewhere in-between) - I like them to be legal (especially in built up areas, but using opportunities where possible to push on), as well as fun and enjoyable, my objective being for all to come back safely having had a fun day out in the saddle.

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