David Neale

I have been riding since July 2015 when I got my CBT and then got my full license in September 2015. Since getting my full license I have done over 7500 miles and expect to have done 15000 before the full year is up. I love riding so much that I have a standing calendar booking for every Sunday through out the year booked just for this. Although sometimes it does not always work so I find other times to ride. I also tend to ride in almost any weather.

I am a standard paced ride leader and like to find the windy A and B roads. I like to start my rides in the North and North East, but my also start them at other locations depending on the lunch destinations that I have found. Being stuck working from home all week, my rides are more geared to those that want a bit of socialisation and therefore I have a slightly shorter ride time and a slightly longer lunch. I also incorporate a few stops during the ride for a short social time and a streach of the legs. I tend to avoid lanes and single track roads as much as possible as I do not enjoy riding on them.

I like to cater for everyone as much as I can and even encourage the new riders to join my rides and ensure that they are comfortable and can enjoy a ride without feeling much pressure. I feel that there is no better way to learn then in a group where you feel comfortable and safe. That is how I have learnt and am still learning.

I am also a bit of a fuddy-duddy when it comes to 30/40mph roads and like to stick to the speed limit as much as possible.

I will also be organising short one night away rides to locations all over England (within a decent riding time) where we can take in the beautiful scenery and locations. 

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