Jock McJock

I can look at it two ways. Hurrah,I made it to my 50th. Or, feck me, I’m 50 years old now. Which means I’m legally registered as ‘Grumpy’.

(And FYI, I’ve identified as‘Sarcastic Bastard’ since my teens.)

I’ve owned more bikes than I can genuinely remember. Admittedly I’ve crashed quite a few of them, which is probably why I can’t remember all of them. I’ve travelled the world and the seven seas and been lucky enough to have ridden on all the continents bar the ones with wild polar bears and slightly miffed penguins (excluding zoos).

I’d tell you what bike(s) I own, but no doubt I’ll have changed them by the time you read this. Suffice to say, they only ever have two wheels and not much is taboo.

I like all the rides we do, from the social focused Standard, to the flexible Evo, to the full on, don’t play at it Progressive. Expect a mixture of all of those from me.

If we end up on a dirt track, we’re lost and carrying my bike back the way we came from. I hate rain, snow, ice, dirt, water crossings, motorways, towns, pretty much anything that prevents a flowing ride. So, I don’t plan for them.

In the villages and towns, places where there is a build up of people, traffic, risks, then I chill and pick my battles. There’s always time to open the bike up later.

I also have a theory, that if you look around and can’t see the dildo, it’s usually you. That applies to my rides. If you behave yourself on the rides everyone will respect you and think you’re tickety boo. If you don’t behave, then you’ll be the dildo everyone is looking for. I even have a vest for that.

I’m a huge fan of riding in Europe, so plan a few trips with the club throughout the year. If you’ve never ridden overseas and want to do it, come along. You’ll be surprised at how easy we make it for you.

See you on a ride, here or abroad. 

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