I passed my test in 2005, but spent many years in the lone-riding wilderness before finally discovering the biking land of milk and honey - riding with LMRC! My mileage is well into 6 figures, a healthy chunk of which has been done riding with the club or with folk I’ve met through the club. As a CBT/DAS motorcycle instructor and Blood Biker, I feel the need to keep my own standards of riding up and hold IAM and RoSPA certificates. I hope never to stop learning! 

I love all kinds of biking adventures and challenges, camping, on or off road, day trips, weekends, or a couple of weeks away home or abroad with some awesome people.  

I love all kinds of routes at all kinds of paces and am an all-weather rider, but the ones you'll often find me leading are on smaller A and B roads with a few lanes thrown in for good measure. I like my start points to be indicative of the laid back nature of the day and as such you’ll find few chain-type fast food start points on my rides. My rides will head in most directions, I like to get away from my southern stomping ground at times. 

With my day job being what it is, I also enjoy seeing new riders at the weekend start their journey into group riding, therefore I intend to run a few rides focussing on new and inexperienced riders. 

I do like a couple of three beers and as I do not encourage drinking & riding, you will also find me organising a few pub-orientated social events (when the world allows it!) with bikers but not bikes in and around London. 

Hope to meet you on a ride or social soon! 

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