Been riding for 43 years (I know I don't look old enough) but only in the last 10 years has this changed from 99% commuting to 100% fun riding. 15,000 miles a year average all on group riding in the UK. I also like all aspects of riding and will try anything. I've done (and will be organising for the club) such things as Track Days, MotoGymkana, Hill Climbs, MiniMoto, Speedway, WakeBoarding, White Water Rafting etc (OK, those last two won't be on a bike)

The pace of my rides is "Progress Focused". Extremely legal in 30-40's (in fact I use these to slow right down and allow everyone to catch up) and fast but safe in nationals. I don't enjoy going fast in a straight line but I'm a corner junky so my rides tend to be as technical and twisty as possible. I've led over100 rides and like big groups. I'm also IAM ride leader trained and have done ride leader training for other meetup groups. I haven't lost a group yet.

On a personal side, I'm quiet and reserved and my rides are about the riding, not the social stuff. I'm on facebook but have only posted 10 things in 3 years- you get the idea . That doesn't mean I'm unapproachable so do come and chat anytime. Always happy to help out with anyone, anytime. I also video a lot of rides, see them on

Apart from a couple of family holidays a year, I'm out virtually every weekend either on, or leading a ride..

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