I've been riding since 2014 and have become a fairly 'rounded' biker in that time. I'm quite handy with a spanner so am generally in charge of ensuring myself and Sabrina's (my partner and also a member of the club) bikes aren't going to get us killed. If I'm not on the bike in my spare time, I'm either fixing something bike related or making some kind of contraption, also bike related!

On two wheels, my favourite riding is off road and have owned and ridden 85-300cc 2 strokes and 125-450cc 4 strokes. You just can't beat the rush you get from the challenge of hard enduro type riding! I really enjoy tarmac as well of course and having started on big bikes after my test (R6, R1, Z750 etc) I now know where the actual fun is... 250cc and below! I am all about small bikes now and have travelled as far as Greece and back with Sabrina and Frank (he's our sausage dog and riding companion).

I really enjoy the travelling aspect of motorcycling and even more so that we can do it as a family (yes, Frank is family!). I enjoy camping but not really camp sites and am happiest when I'm in a quiet area with the tent pitched and a tranquil lake to look at. If I won the lottery, we would live life on the road. 

In terms of events, they really are all different but organised and well thought out in their own rights. 

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