Sam Hoggs

Oh hi there! Thanks for scrolling down. I'm Sam also known as Hoggs and I am a standard ride specialist with rides starting mainly in the North West. Generally my rides will be split into hourish bite sized chunks, interspersed with little breaks for refreshments and a leg stretch. 

Regardless of how often I say "Ride your own race" by mistake in my pre-ride briefs, my rides are not races! They are designed to be a nice little bimble round the countryside, taking in the view with zero pressure to ride above your comfort level. I try and mix up my roads with some narrower twisties following some wider free flowing sections. If it looks good on google satellite chances are we will be going down it! 

As my sponsorship deal with a well known burger chain fell though, I have been forced to look at alternative start and lunch destinations. Luckily it turns out there are quite a lot of nice places out there! I will endeavour to ensure cake and ice cream is available on all my rides. 

Hopefully see you on a ride soon.

BONUS HOGGS FACTS! Favourite colour: green, Favourite cake: lemon drizzle, Favourite tool: ratchet spanners.

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