Terry AKA Woody

Woody’s rides are mainly standard paced rides on scenic twisty A and B country-type roads. There will normally be a destination of a café or pub with an interesting location, for a bite to eat, then heading back on a different route.

To refuel and have a quick drink and chat, I tend to stop for a comfort break about half way to a destination, and again on the return journey.

I like to keep the group reasonably tight, to minimise the waiting time for corner markers, so if needed I may well pull over to give everyone a chance to catch up. I feel it’s better to wait a short while with others, than a long time on your own.

I will keep to speed limits and will always show respect to other roads users (however many wheels or legs they have).

For me, it’s all about a nice comfortably paced ride, with plenty to see, along lovely twisty roads, and an interesting destination where I can have a good old laugh and chat with fellow bikers. Oh, and get a milkshake of course.

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