London Motorcycle Riders Club, or LMRC as we are known, was born in May 2014 and is a group of everyday people who like nothing better than to get on our bikes and go for an interesting ride with friends both old and new. We ride socially and are not in any way connected to any regional motorcycle clubs or chapters.

We welcome everybody, no matter what bike or size bike you ride, or type of licence you hold. Riders on L Plates and CBT are more than welcome at LMRC. Pillions are also welcome and we will do our best to pair you up with a suitable rider. We run events most weekends and ride all year round. We are a very friendly bunch and put as much emphasis on the social side of the day as we do the ride itself, we even run regular non-riding social events.

London Motorcycle Riders Club is proud to say we offer something for everyone, from one day UK events to weekends away, London at Night Events, European and International trips, Green Laning Days, Track Days, Mini Moto Days, Trial Speedway Days, Off Road Skills Days, Workshop Days and Social Evening Events. We are also open to suggestions for events from you the membership. 

If this sounds of interest to you and you want to join in on the fun, then sign up as a member and see how things go. Please make sure you include a picture of yourself on your new LMRC profile when you sign up, this is so we can recognise you at our events, and it is also a requirement of your application.

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