Bringing your friends

Members are asked not to invite friends to join them on these rides by simply turning up at the start point as they will not be allowed to join the ride. The numbers are set by the organisers with everyone's safety and enjoyment in mind. Larger than expected groups will have a negative effect on the days timings, arranged parking and rest /fuel stops, it will also mean the other members of the group will spend more time marking corners which is not fair to them.


LMRC Armbands are compulsory on all of our riding events, they are used to distinguish our group from other groups who may be riding the same route as us and to ensure that we have access to your I.C.E information. Armbands may be purchased at a cost of £4 from members of the Leadership Team on your first event.

Pre Ride Briefing

You must attend the pre ride briefing, it is very important that you understand how the ride has been planned and what is expected of you, organizers reserve the right to not allow riders to join the ride if they fail to attend the briefing.

Full Tanks at Start

Please ensure you fill your bike's fuel tank before the ride begins at a petrol station near the start point. We will arrange fuel stops according to the smallest tank size.

Pillions Welcome

Rides are suitable for Pillion members who would like to get on the back of another member's bike with their agreement, or for members to bring their own pillions with them.


[This Rule Applies To All LMRC Events, including social events]

Please be aware, organizers will always apply these rules sensibly and not blindly, the intention is not to punish individuals but to improve the club for everyone. Members are required to give 24hrs notice if they are unable to make an event and to change their RSVP accordingly. If cancelling within 24hrs please pm the event organiser.

Bad weather exclusions for riding events only 
It is accepted that some members are not comfortable to ride in wet or adverse weather conditions and that this may not be apparent in the preceding 24hrs weather forecast. In the spirit of fairness organizers will accept 12hrs notice if cancelling due to weather conditions. It is also understood that the weather may change dramatically overnight and not become known until the morning of the event. Some members may not feel comfortable riding in those conditions, in these cases please just post a message on the event to say you are withdrawing due to weather conditions and change your RSVP. Organizers will not penalize anybody for withdrawing under these circumstances at short notice. 


LEAD RIDER: In charge of the ride, they determine where each Corner Marker will mark a spot, the direction of ride, stopping points and what to do when there are problems. They will set the pace for the ride, and will ensure they always have enough riders behind to fill the Corner Marking positions. 

TAIL GUNNER: The last Rider in the group, they are in charge of "sweeping" the ride, waving each Corner Marker on, helping to locate missing Riders, helping with any breakdowns or injuries, and for informing the Ride Leader of any problems. The Ride Leader and the Tail Gunner are kept in contact via mobile phone where necessary.

Leaving The Group Early

If leaving the group early and to stop other riders following you thinking they are following the direction of the ride, please slow down or pull over if safe to do so, ensuring you are positioned so as not to have other members of the group think that you are marking a corner. Wave them past if necessary, When you see the Tail Gunner approaching, ensure you wave them past, this is the signal to identify you are leaving the group. You are now free to take another route without the risk of being followed by other members of the group. 

The Corner Marking System in use


Open To All Members Event

These events are what it says on the tin, open to all members regardless of what you ride. Here you will be riding in a mixed group of bike styles and engine sizes as well as rider experience. If you're a newer member, it’s where you’ll learn more about the club, the intricacies of group riding and the Corner Marking System which we use on all of our rides.

Please read all the details in the event description to understand how your ride leader will be running this event on the day and if there are any possible exclusions for CBT licence holders.

Progress Focused Event

These events are aimed at confident riders who prefer making progress and who will create safe overtaking opportunities, are skilful / experienced at both cornering and filtering. These events are focused more on the ride itself than the destination and the social aspect of LMRC. Members must already hold our Corner Marking System Qualification Title, (Check your profile or ask the ride leader)

Please read all the details in the event description to understand how your ride leader will be running this event on the day and if there are any special instructions to be followed.

Safety Point

If a ride leader feels you may be outside of your comfort zone on their event after having ridden with you previously, they may at their discretion recommend another ride leaders Progress Focused Event instead.

Off-Road Event

All off road events are strictly "ride your own ride". Trying to keep up with someone who is more skilled off road is the fastest way to have an encounter with a tree, and for this reason, ride for yourself is heavily stressed.The lead at the front will always be a decent pace, whilst appropriate to the environment. Busy green lanes will be set at a more cautious pace, especially on corners, but when appropriate, the throttle will be fully opened. The emphasis on off road events is always on skill rather than speed. Good lines, ability to make the bike do the work and control far outweighs speed. That said, few will keep up the pace set at the front so don't feel it will be a slow lead! In contrast, there is NO minimum pace to keep up with - only what you set yourself. This should be either within your comfort zone or only slightly outside it. If you find you're falling off more than a couple of times throughout the day, you need to slow down (but won't be penalised for it).

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