Head of Leadership Team

I’ve been a member of LMRC since the early days and seen how, under Paul Hayden’s leadership, the club has grown into the great group of Ride Leaders and Members we now have.

Most Ride Leaders have a preferred type of ride they lead and mine are mainly on B and country roads, always trying to include a half decent café for a coffee/tea and cake.  You’ll also often find me on our camping weekends, bike rallies (Google SWPSR for an example) and not forgetting our social events.

I’ve been riding for longer than I’m going to admit to but in that time I’ve been fortunate to ride all over the UK and large chunks of Europe as well as further afield in India, Namibia and Cambodia and more recently, Vietnam on the LMRC trip.  It’s interesting and fun to adjust to the differing riding styles all over the world!!  Maybe join us for a trip?

I look forward to meeting you on an LMRC ride or at a social.


Leadership Team

I love motorbike riding.

Laugh at me, laugh with me, life is for living and having fun. I have been riding for over 20 years, but my route to riding was an unusual one. I was left paralysed in 2002 (back surgery went wrong). My only regret at that time was not riding a motorbike. I used that as the motivation to do the impossible and learn to walk again. Since then, I have clocked around 15-20,000 miles per year on bikes. 

Did I mention I love bike riding.

I love it... I mean love it. For me it is one of the best things in the world. The freedom, the smells, the sights; come wind, rain or shine; my happy place is on a motorbike. I love all types of riding from a bimble to a blast. Track days when time permits and everything in-between. I enjoy discovering new places and so leading rides gives me an excuse to do this. I love to share the experience with others, and I enjoy the banter that goes with it. I tend to do all day rides on A & B roads that bring a smile to your face. 



I’ve been riding since 1988, stopped for a while when my daughter was born, but never fell out of love of motorcycling, and started up again in 2016. I enjoy the quicker paced rides, but most often I’m out in standard paced rides and I ride to the groups abilities.  

The rides I set up are so varied, that I wouldn’t be able to pin it down to just one type of ride.  Generally, my rides have a mixture of roads so that everyone can have an adventure on the ride.

I enjoy organising trips away, such as camping weekends, and more recently I am setting up European trips, concentrating on Spain &Portugal as I find the culture and roads there simply phenomenal, which I hope to share with my fellow riders.

South Africa is my home country, and I have away trips planned for South Africa to venture out into the vastness of Africa while enjoying the freedom motorcycles give us to interact with each other.

I am eager to meet new people, that enjoy motorcycling and have fun out on the roads.  I have no interest in discussing chicken strips or similar self-inflating topics, all I’m interested in is reaching the end of the road with a smile on my face, and hopefully a smile on the faces that joined me in the adventure.


I’ve come to motorbikes later in life - 6 years ago, stuck in my car in yet another London traffic jam I thought sod this, drove my car to Aberdeen, gave it to my sister and bought a Vespa. I immediately fell in love with two wheels and try and now avoid 4 wheels as much as I can. I currently ride a BMW R1200RS, which is a brilliant mile-muncher.

I’ve never been a member of any type of club before but I found LMRC really welcoming and the diversity of the people that ride with the club, their bikes, riding abilities and life experiences really interesting. 

I’m based in SE London so my rides tend to be around Kent/Sussex areas but I’d like to branch out further at some point, given time - a camping trip around my childhood home in the Highlands may be on the cards at some point. 


Been riding for 47 years (I know I don't look old enough) but only in the last 10 years has this changed from 99% commuting to 100% fun riding. 15,000 miles a year average all on group riding in the UK. I also like all aspects of riding and will try anything. I've done (and will be organising for the club) such things as Track Days, MotoGymkhana, Hill Climbs, MiniMoto, Speedway, WakeBoarding, White Water Rafting etc (OK, those last two won't be on a bike).

I organize both "Open To All" and "Progress Focused" rides. Extremely legal in 30-40's (in fact I use these to slow right down and allow everyone to catch up) and fast but safe in nationals. I don't enjoy going fast in a straight line but I'm a corner junky so my rides tend to be as technical and twisty as possible. I've led over 100 rides for LMRC and like big groups. I'm also IAM ride leader trained and have done ride leader training for other meetup groups. I haven't lost a group yet.

On a personal side, I'm quiet and reserved and my rides are about the riding, not the social stuff. I'm on facebook but have only posted 10 things in 5 years - you get the idea . That doesn't mean I'm unapproachable so do come and chat anytime. Always happy to help out with anyone, anytime. I also video a lot of rides, see them on

Apart from a couple of family holidays a year, I'm out virtually every weekend either on, or leading a ride.


Having been around bikes my whole life, dreaming of a Laverda 650 Sport from the advert pages of RiDE (don't ask!), I finally managed to get myself into the world 'proper' in my later ages.I'll give anything a go bike-wise; from track days to speedway, pit bikes and camping/touring. That said (aside from a few track days every now and again as an infrequent luxury), my favourite time in the saddle is having a group of good riders, a destination in mind, with miles and miles of twisties till we get there.

Outside bikes I love skiing, snowboarding, cycling, travelling, and camping, and try to fit them all in with the family too (2 kids, no longer counting!). 

LMRC's changed the way I ride for the better, and since I started leading in 2020 (an odd year, granted!) it's put a new twist on the experience. I love the planning side of it, considering others (I try not to leave people to pee in a bush!), and making as good-a-day as possible. It's almost half the fun.If you're out with me, expect anything from full-day bimbly excursions, to brisk evening and Sunday morning hops. Rain or shine; I'll do it all. If I haven't met you already, it's another thing to look forward to! Toodle-pip!


I grew up with my dad riding a Motorbike and being a pillion for many years as a child. I started riding myself as soon as I could back at the age of 16 on a Puch MS50 & Garelli M3 followed by a Honda MB-5 and then onto a Yamaha RD125LC. I rode for around 6/7 years before losing interest and sold the Yamaha for peanuts. During this time on 2 wheels I wrote off the MS50 and broke my collar bone off-roading and also wrote off the MB-5 by crashing into a skip. The Yamaha survived my ownership and the Garelli still exists to this day in the back of the shed somewhere although I’ve not laid eyes on it in 35 years.

Roll on 20 something years and a friend and also a work colleague got me interested again and I did my DAS and haven’t looked back. Since I passed my test in 2013, I’ve owned an XJ6, CBF600, KLE500, CBR600, GSX1400, RD125LC, Z1000SX & Tiger 800. I’m much more enjoying life on 2 wheels since my re introduction as my riding is mostly for social/pleasure rather than a lot of commuting as it was when I first started out.

I joined LMRC not long after it started and have enjoyed many years riding with various leaders over the years through both meetup and then groups place. I like half days, full days, camping trips and have even tried some green laning. Due to a change of circumstances this year and now having more time available I have been given the opportunity to give something back to the club where I’ve had a great deal of pleasure riding for many years.

I look forward to being able to run a variety of rides for a wide range of abilities in the future. I particularly like good food, beaches and good views as well as good roads of course so most if not all of my rides will likely feature at least one of these in them. Hopefully there might be the odd camping trip or even non riding event in future.

I look forward to seeing you on a ride soon,



When asked how long I have been riding, it's either 30+ years if including small enduros and scooters, or only 4 years on medium/larger bikes. I typically run my rides out of the SE and NE quadrants of London as well as the annual New Year's Day Thames Crossings rides. I like a few smaller lanes in my rides, mixed up with the faster flowing bends. I also enjoy tagging along on other leaders' rides. I'm only allowed out to play once a week.


Prepare to revolutionize your riding experience as I take the reins as your dynamic new motorcycle ride leader. Fueled by my fervent love for motorcycles and a relentless thirst for exploration, I'm poised to redefine our journey on the open road. Guided by my fresh perspective and keen eye for the most thrilling routes, we'll embark on a ride that promises to ignite your sense of adventure like never before.

Whether you crave the adrenaline rush of high-speed twists or the serene beauty of scenic backroads, I'm dedicated to crafting an unforgettable experience tailored to riders of all levels. Together, we'll shift gears and uncover new horizons, with every twist and turn promising exhilaration and camaraderie.

Join me as we pave the way for a new era of motorcycle adventures, where the thrill of the ride is only matched by the joy of sharing it with fellow enthusiasts. Get ready to rev your engines and embark on an unforgettable journey where every mile brings us closer to the essence of motorcycle bliss, and that is what an introduction is according to ChatGPT :-)


Having passed my test on a cold and wet day in Manchester in January 2004 with 2 broken toes, I didn't ever know why I was drawn to motorcycling in the way that I am. It turned out that my dad was a motorcycle courier in the Army and the last thing he wanted was for me to be on a bike (sorry, dad). 

I am lucky to have found LMRC as it's changed my riding (and my life) for the better. I have met some wonderful people, been on some thrilling rides and enjoyed some beautiful destinations. Come join the fun!


I’m looking forward to running mostly progressive rides for the LMRC, mainly to the north and east of London. 

As well as great roads, I’ll be working hard to introduce members to some interesting new events and ride destinations and maybe the odd weekend away thrown in too. I’m keen to help members get as much out of their riding as possible. I’ll also be joining as many of the other ride leaders events as I can fit in - come and say hello!


Born again Biker. Appreciating, respecting, enjoying the freedom, life, physical and mental health, open roads, good company and of course my BBB (Blue Black Bird).


I've been riding since 2014 and have become a fairly 'rounded' biker in that time. I'm quite handy with a spanner so am generally in charge of ensuring myself and Sabrina's (my partner and also a member of the club) bikes aren't going to get us killed. If I'm not on the bike in my spare time, I'm either fixing something bike related or making some kind of contraption, also bike related!

On two wheels, my favourite riding is off road and have owned and ridden 85-300cc 2 strokes and 125-450cc 4 strokes. You just can't beat the rush you get from the challenge of hard enduro type riding! I really enjoy tarmac as well of course and having started on big bikes after my test (R6, R1, Z750 etc) I now know where the actual fun is... 250cc and below! I am all about small bikes now and have travelled as far as Greece and back with Sabrina and Frank (he's our sausage dog and riding companion).

I really enjoy the travelling aspect of motorcycling and even more so that we can do it as a family (yes, Frank is family!). I enjoy camping but not really camp sites and am happiest when I'm in a quiet area with the tent pitched and a tranquil lake to look at. If I won the lottery, we would live life on the road. 

In terms of events, they really are all different but organised and well thought out in their own rights. 


I have been passionate for motorcycles all my life. All started at age of 8, my neighbour, at that time the same age as me, was taking me as pillion in his mini off-road bike in the evenings around the neighbourhood.

My first bike was a scooter Aprilia Racing 50cc at the age of 14. I always wanted a Z750, so I got my full driving licence in 2011 but wasn’t till 2015, when I meet Phil, when my dream came true; we been riding together everywhere since then.

Back in Spain I thought I know how to ride motorbikes but one thing that I really learn with Phil and the club is how to ride safely.

My dream now is to ride the whole world with Phil and the sausages dogs, Frank and Colin, our little gremlins.

Our events, Phil and mine, are around Essex area but we also ride all UK, Europe, do some greenlanes and the Special London at Night which in Halloween or Christmas our bikes are decorated for these festive times.

If you want to know anything about the club or us, you know where to find us, just come along to one of our rides, you will really enjoy.

See you soon and ride safe ✌😉


I signed up for the club on a bit of a whim (probably after a few glasses of the fizzy stuff) and before I could change my mind, I had a pillion ride set up for me on the 2018 Season Opener. Thanks to my awesome rider and meeting other members I was hooked. Since then, I’ve had many adventures as a pillion and attending socials. I don’t attend as many bike rides as I’d like because I’m a country bumpkin, however I’m often in the big smoke looking after people’s furry family. This gives me the opportunity to explore all parts of London and most importantly check out the local.

I’ll quite happily sit in a pub on my own but its always better with like-minded company, so it made sense to embrace this skill and become the club social event organiser. 

So why not join me and meet members old and new on one of the club social events!


Welcome, bienvenue, willkommen, benvenuti, welkom, bienvenidos, all goes to prove that I can use google translate/go on camping holidays to Europe/watch Eurovision (yes/yes/no).

Didn’t have any burning desire to ride motorbikes until a change of work location in summer 2016 forced me into the clutches of a Vespa PX125. Really enjoyed the Vespa for 6 months until one day someone let me have a taster session on a real bike. 4 weeks later test passed, Vespa sold and shiny new to me Hornet was my daily ride.

Started riding with LMRC in October 2018 and just can’t enough of it! There’s a ride on every weekend and events that I wouldn’t have even thought about doing before joining.

Love a track day, especially the evening ones at Brands Hatch Indy – nice and local for me. Expect to see a few of these on the LMRC calendar.

Based in south east London so the rides will end up in Kent, Sussex (E&W), Surrey, Hampshire. I enjoy going on rides where the stars of the show are the roads – National Speed Limit triple number A roads and B roads with a liberal smattering of unclassified road with a bit of muck down the middle. Plenty of bends and changes of elevation to play with. Then there’s always time for a chat and a bit of banter at the lunch venue.

Love MotoGP and have followed it for years. I’d like to run a ride down to the French MotoGP at Le Mans for the drunken French version of Mad Max 3 Beyond the Thunderdome, constant burnout, constant rev limiter hitting hell that is Camping Bleu et Rouge.


I love being on my bike, but felt the rides never allow you enough time to get to know the people behind the visors. With that in mind, I first joined the Leadership Team with the task of gathering us for drinks, food, social events, picnics, sports days, or any other excuse for a chat and some nice grub.

I lead rides that tend to favour B roads and lanes (sometimes very dirty ones), always in between great food places, usually with stops longer than other ride leaders. If you like a bit of gravel, a lot of sightseeing and copious amounts of food, join me.

Also, social events are the ideal ice breaker if you have just joined the club but haven't really met anyone yet. We are a nice bunch!


Woody’s rides will mainly be standard paced rides on scenic twisty A and B country-type roads. There will normally be a café, pub or picnic destination with nice scenery or something interesting to look around and heading back on a different route.

I tend to start my events from just south of the A25, and not ride over 40 miles without stopping for a leg stretch, toilet break, and a chance to have a chat and a laugh while having a soft drink. So there will be a stop on the way to, and the way back from, the destination.

My leading style is to keep up a good pace (within speed limits) but with absolutely no pressure for members to keep up as we will be using the corner marking system. So a Woody ride is for all styles and levels of safe riding.

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