The Man, The Boss, The Hero, The Legend.

My name is Paul, better known as The Guv’nor which I have been affectionately nicknamed by my team, and I’m the creator of the London Motorcycle Riders Club.

Our club was set up and created in May 2014 and we have been running local and more recently European events ever since. The one question I’m most asked is “Why did you do it?". My answer, it was a moment of madness that seemed a good idea at the! No, in all seriousness, as a biker of nearly 40 years (I know, I don’t look that old!) and having been a part of many, many bike groups and clubs over the years, I simply thought I could do it better.

In my opinion, over recent years and with the onset of social media, bike clubs had become kinda clicky. You had to ride the right bike, hold the right licence, be the right age, ride with the right people etc, and that's not what being a biker means to me. So I set out to create a riding group where everyone’s welcome, regardless of their ability, the licence they hold or the bike that they ride, a club where help, support and advice would be offered, naturally doused with a liberal coat of piss taking. My expectation was that I would probably end up with 60-100 members with which I could regularly ride with and have some fun. That number just naturally grew as word spread and we now have an average membership of between 600 and 700 members at any given time.

Running the club has allowed me to make lots of new friends, some who I’m proud to say have joined me on the team and who I couldn’t run the club without, each an individual who brings something different and exciting to the club and who all have the same outlook on what it really means to be a biker. So, in the spirit with which the club was created there's no fee for joining and no charge to take part in events - everyone on the team donates their time for free, which despite being a second job for most, is purely a labour of love.

If you join London Motorcycle Riders Club, you're not just joining a club, you're joining a family where you will always be welcomed and made to feel a part of, naturally you will have the piss taken at some point, most likely where alcohol is consumed on one of our many social events!

PS. I do tend to waffle at times so just stick a beer, a tea or a sticky bun in my hand if it's all getting too much for you ;-) 


Leadership Team

Carsten is hugely experienced in the art of motorcycling and enjoys everything about it from commuting on his trusty Dylan, to having fun on either his GS or Buell bikes. When on his 1150GS Adventure bike it's usually B and minor roads with As used to get between interesting roads. Motorways only exist to get somewhere quickly. Lanes with green dividers and fords are not uncommon on Carsten’s rides! Speeds by the book in urban area’s, with no looking down on NSL overtakes....

Scooter rides are on quieter roads, Bs and minor As with trunk A roads and motorways a definite no unless there's no alternative. Duration and distance of both types depend on where we're heading to and what the likely weather is - decent coffee stops always feature!


I am a fairly new convert to the motorbiking world having only passed my test in 2014 but I have been hooked ever since! I like to try and expand my skills as much as possible and have done track days, Off roading, Green laning and my RoSPA certificate along with a few Bike Safes too. I am a keen badminton player and mountain biker as well as motorcyclist.

My rides will be generally progressive in pace but I will also do some standard rides using smaller roads and lanes or that are more pillion friendly (helps get a pass to ride if I bring the other half!!). I enjoy twisty country roads and was brought up in Sussex so know the area very well but my rides will cover all over the south, they will start from either Rykas or Newlands Corner.

I really enjoy the social side of the club and like to get to know people on the rides I do. I am pretty laid back and approachable so come and say hi.

My pet hates are speeding in urban areas and lack of consideration to other riders in the group. However, I will generally try and keep us nicely spread out so everyone can have some fun and enjoy the roads - I want everyone to have a great day out and will do my best with organisation and planning of the day for you.


London Motorcycle Riders Club is the most active riding club within the M25. One day events cover a range between 75 and 200 miles, so when you’re out with us, it’s a full day of fun. We do run shorter days as well, each ride leader has their own preference on the length of the day. Rides are run at standard, evo and at a more progressive pace so you will always find an event to suit your style of riding.

To run this number of events and rides every week, we need quite a large team, so please scroll down to meet the awesome ride leaders who organise and lead our events, each ride leader offers something different. Who will be your favourite?  

One thing is for sure, you will have a great day out with LMRC no matter who you choose to ride with. 

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